Thursday, 2 May 2013

Buckler’s Hard Announced As One Of Visitengland’s ‘101 Things To Do Before You Go Abroad

Buckler's Hard Village Street View
River Cruise Boat
The picturesque 18th century shipbuilding village of Buckler’s Hard, nestling on the banks of the Beaulieu River in the New Forest, has been revealed as one of VisitEngland’s ‘101 Things To Do Before You Go Abroad’.

The list, announced on St. George’s Day, aims to remind people of the fabulous range of experiences they can enjoy right on their doorstep. It covers the very best of English experiences as selected by a panel of experts, with Buckler’s Hard appearing in the History and Heritage sector.

The Buckler’s Hard visitor attraction is this year celebrating the 50th anniversary of its Maritime Museum, which tells the story of the village and its inhabitants. During the 18th century, Buckler’s Hard was a centre for shipbuilding and was the unlikely birthplace of some of the most fearsome warships to ever set sail, including three ships built for Nelson’s Traflagar fleet, HMS Swiftsure, HMS Euryalus, and ‘Nelson’s favourite’, HMS Agamemnon.

During World War II, Buckler’s Hard again became a strategically important area, where sections of the floating Mulberry Harbour were built. Hundreds of landing craft also used the Beaulieu River as a departure point during the D-Day Landings.

Today, this beautiful village is a peaceful haven where visitors can learn about its history and enjoy a tranquil cruise along the river.

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