Thursday, 20 September 2012

This Halloween Search For Spectres At Beaulieu Abbey 31st October & 2nd November 2012

On the 31st October and 2nd November 2012 join the Hampshire Ghost Club as they embark on a paranormal investigation within the grounds of the Beaulieu attraction, in historic 13th century Beaulieu Abbey, the site
of many spooky spectre sightings.

Beaulieu Abbey was founded in 1204, when King John gave a gift of land to the Cistercian monks to found a monastery. The largest Cistercian Abbey in England, Beaulieu thrived for over 300 years until it was destroyed in the 1530s at the time of the dissolution of the Monasteries.
The strange stories and legends surrounding Beaulieu Abbey have captured the imaginations of people from all walks of life, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who had a great interest in psychic research and made many visits to Beaulieu in search of the unexplainable. To this day, both staff and visitors to Beaulieu report glimpsing ghosts of the Abbey’s former inhabitants, as well as sounds and smells from eras past.

Now the Hampshire Ghost Club are inviting members of the public to join them on two ghost hunts, investigating some of the most haunted areas of Beaulieu’s ancient Abbey.


The paranormal sessions will take place on two nights around Halloween, beginning at 9pm and continuing through to 1am. Activities will include vigils and investigations, using professional equipment, in the Abbey’s Domus building, which was formerly the Lay Brothers’ Dormitory. Investigations will also take place in the Abbey ruins and Cloisters. 

Ticket prices are £50 per person, including hot drink refreshments, and are available to people aged 18+. Pre-booking for these sessions is essential, and you can reserve your place by telephoning 01590 612888.

For more information, please visit or telephone 01590 612345.

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