Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Pack a Punch for Chatsworth's New Season 16 March - 23 December

An umbrella, a high heel shoe and a wheelbarrow are some of the large and vibrantly coloured sculptures gracing the historic garden at Chatsworth as it opens for the new 2014 season on Sunday March 16 with a major exhibition of contemporary sculpture by Michael Craig-Martin. 
Exhibition by Michael Craig-Martin

In the house, a new permanent ceramic installation by the artist Jacob van der Beugel features the DNA profiles of the Devonshire Family in a ceramic piece that looks at ideas of ancestry and inheritance.

Another undoubted draw for visitors this year will be the Chatsworth in Wartime exhibition opening on April 4 uncovering life on the estate during WW1 and WW2 with fascinating personal stories revealed by material drawn from the extensive Chatsworth archives.

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