Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The MK2 Hovervan Glides into World of Top Gear at Beaulieu

The Hovervan
A second vehicle from the current run of Top Gear, now in its 20th series, has joined the ranks of challenge vehicles in Beaulieu’s World of Top Gear.

Although the country has been experiencing a heatwave in the past couple of weeks, it probably means that the next torrential flood is just around the corner. Top Gear hosts, Jeremy, Richard and James have devised the solution for transportation in such water-logged towns and cities – the Hovervan – and tested it by riding it down a river.
The Hovervan
This mk2 Hovervan design features bigger engines, larger skirts and additional floatation devices, all installed after the mk1 machine proved itself to be fine as a van (by driving around the town of Penistone) but utterly rubbish as a hovercraft (by sinking as soon as it went near water).

No such worries for this version which skipped gracefully across the surface of the River Avon causing barely a ripple on the water. It is, quite simply, a work of genius. Apart from being noisy - and dangerous - and thirsty - and disruptive - and destructive - and uncontrollable - and expensive. Apart from those things, it’s brilliant.

The Hovervan joins a whole host of vehicles at Beaulieu created by the Top Gear presenters for some of their most ambitious challenges. Another recent addition from the current series is the Hindustan taxi, a Morris Ambassador,  the winner of a world taxi shootout to find which could claim the crown as the world’s best taxi.

The ‘Enormodrome’ recreates the feel of the Top Gear studio with regular features from the programme, including the Cool Wall and the Celebrity ‘Lap Times’ board, kept up to date in line with the show. Visitors can also watch behind-the-scenes footage of the Top Gear production zone and clips of some of the best Top Gear moments.

World of Top Gear
can be seen as part of a visit to the whole Beaulieu attraction which also includes the National Motor Museum, BOND IN MOTION, Palace House and Beaulieu Abbey. 

Beaulieu is open every day, except Christmas Day, from 10am. For more information telephone 01590 612345 or visit www.beaulieu.co.uk

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